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Greetings to friends both old and new!

Whether you’re discovering Sound of Majesty for the first time, or are one of my old friends . . . it’s wonderful to have you here! Let me tell you just a bit about how this website came about.

I was a part of Moody Radio in Chicago from 1990 to 2012. During those years, I was involved in a number of different programs, but one that has remained close to my heart is a program that I helped birth—Sound of Majesty. A mix of hymns, sacred classics, and other classical music, the program was aired by Moody Radio for nearly all of my tenure at the network.

Just before my wife and I retired and left the Chicago area, a former colleague mentioned to me that he had noticed a number of Sound of Majesty programs in storage at Moody. I began wondering if there might be a way to once again make these programs widely available to listeners. The folks at Moody Radio graciously agreed to allow me the use of these programs, and that brings us to where we are today.

The new Sound of Majesty website is now home for these hour-long broadcasts, as well as a round-the clock stream of wonderful sacred and classical music. You'll find the original Sound of Majesty broadcasts spread throughout the entire day and night, so that one of them is never far away! My hope is that the website will also become a resource for helping you think about our wonderful heritage in the music of the church, particularly our hymnody. In that light, I hope you’ll explore our podcast The People’s Song. Each new edition of the podcast will explore another great hymn or gospel song, with some thoughts on the theology of its text and implications for our faith.

I’m excited to begin this new venture! I hope you’ll visit often, and that you’ll share the website with your friends. And please . . . drop me an email while you’re at our site! I’d love to make a new friend, and hear from an old friend too!

Greg Wheatley

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